What We Do

SCCI excels at a wide range of concrete construction projects. We guarantee that you will get the most value for your money and that your project is completed in the shortest possible time – regardless of the type of concrete construction.

Concrete Foundations

Our skilled workforce, in combination with our $1,000,000.00+ investment in concrete forming equipment, can construct any concrete foundation from a residential basement, to heavy industrial buildings and equipment foundations of any size. Rebar installation, embedded steel and anchor bolt placement in concrete foundations are done with unmatched precision using state of the art robotic 3-D layout equipment, leading to faster, easier building frame and machine erection. With our radio-controlled knuckle boom crane, we can place our Symons Silver™ aluminum forms closer to the foundation, faster and safer than ever before. Symons Silver™ aluminum forms offer a wide variety of height and shape options to a builder with the ability to stack forms for tall walls or use fillers of just about any dimension to meet your smooth, sharp finished foundation wall needs.

Foundation Services Include:

• Trenching
• Commercial and residential 
• Industrial / Machine pits

Flatwork & Finishes

With highly trained flatwork crews and state of the art construction equipment, SCCI is capable of accomplishing an array of concrete flatwork in a timely and professional manner. Large interior floor placements exceeding 40,000sf per day are not a problem with a single crew. Construction of concrete floors exceeding Ff 70 and Fl 70 are often accomplished. We also have experience in the construction of reinforced floors using steel fibers, synthetic fibers, w/w mesh and rebar.

Finishing makes concrete attractive and serviceable. At SCCI, our finishers take great care to make sure your project’s final texture, hardness, and joint patterns are to exact usage specifications. Whether it be utilizing a broom finish, hard trowel finish, or surface hardener, densifier, or special sealer treatments, SCCI has the proven experience to place. Decorative treatments, such as exposed aggregate, intregral color, and stamped or patterned concrete are also possible because at SCCI, we provide the ultimate value in concrete construction to all of our clients.

Flatwork & Finishes Services Include:

• High Flatness and Levelness
• High abrasion resistance
• Remove and Replace 
• Floor Cleaning

Parking Lots & Roadways

With the use of our large fleet of Somero Laser Screeds, all equipped with the 3-D profile system, we can place pitched concrete surfaces at a rapid pace with unmatched quality. This insures that your project stays on schedule, looks great, and provides a durable pavement for decades! Inventor of the first laser texture and cure machine providing consistent broom while applying a cure (creating a solution to the early cure requirement of concrete).

Our Allen slip-form road paver allows us to pave up to ½ mile of road per day, at widths ranging from 13 to 35 feet. Ready-mixed concrete can be supplied by semi dump trucks, considerably decreasing concrete material costs. Our Gomaco slip-form curb machine can perform high rate curb and gutter projects as well as sidewalk construction.

Parking Lot & Roadway Services Include:

• New Roadway construction
• Emergency Road repairs
• Remove and Replace of existing parking lots
• Tack on curb
• New parking lot construction
• Machine control fine grading