Swederski Concrete Construction Inc. works with the latest technologies to get the job done right, the first time around.

Laser Screed technology produces slab-on-grade concrete floors that are flatter and stronger than any comparative floors produced by using conventional methods. They establish grade by laser, utilizing a 3D Profiler System, disperse concrete by auger, and then vibrate and consolidate the concrete. The console mounted computer maintains grade with laser precision and monitors the screed elevation at a rate of 5 times per second. SCCI’s large fleet of Laser Screeds feature self-leveling, 10-foot wide to 14.5 foot wide screeding heads that are mounted on a powerful 20-foot telescopic boom. Laser Screeds are setting new standards for concrete floors. In addition to being laser precise and mechanically powerful, they are fast. SCCI’s largest screed can accurately screed 290 square feet of concrete in just 60 seconds while producing great Ff and Fl numbers. That means more floor is placed daily and production schedules are satisfied or actually shortened. With a roller plow on our screeds concrete mixes containing fibers can be placed with ease. Fast track production, high quality and cost effectiveness are all direct benefits of utilizing SCCI and our three Laser Screeding systems.


The Putzmister TB-80 conveyor belt truck features a radio controlled 80’ boom capable of 360 cubic yards per hour. The conveyor has been a staple in SCCI’s fleet because it offers a quick and simple way to clear obstacles and place material where you need it without the use of all-wheel drive mixer trucks, loaders or other equipment. Ideal for a variety of job sites including mud sill pours, backfilling, tilt-up projects, bridge decks, radiant heat floors, foundation walls, and slab work.



Robotic Total Station

With quality work comes accuracy. SCCI’s large fleet of Trimble Robotic Total stations makes for more productive and accurate projects. Our total stations are utilized in many of our processes from machine control of our computerized fine grading equipment that sets the stone base exactly where it is designed, all the way to the final placement of the concrete with the Laser Screed. The Robotic total stations are also a key component in our foundation division. The Trimble systems give us the capability to quickly and accurately lay out excavations, foundation walls and ensure correct placement of bolt settings for steel or precast buildings.



Texture Cure Machine

Swederski Concrete is always finding new ways to Innovate and lead the way in the construction industry. SCCI Invented the world’s first Texture Cure machine. Converted from a small laser screed, a spray bar and finishing broom was installed in place of the head. With a 20’ reach the texture cure machine can broom finish 16’ wide per pass 320 sf and apply cure immediately after.



Grading Equipment

With a Noram 65E road grader and multiple Bobcat loaders SCCI has taken fine grading to the next level. SCCI installed state of the art computer systems on our grading equipment. Our graders have the capabilities to be controlled by either Spectra Precision Dual Slope lasers or Trimble Robotic total stations. The computerized system installed on this machine enables us to accurately and very quickly fine grade 100,000 square feet plus per day helping customers get their paving and floors done faster.




SCCI takes pride in its turn key capabilities. With a fleet of Vermeer trenchers SCCI has excavated trench foundations on countless jobs. With the ability to trench up to 30” wide at 8 feet per minute with our largest machine, SCCI can handle any trench foundation. Our trenchers are set up with a laser guided elevation system. This technology eliminates the need for a crew member with a laser receiver checking the trench depth, thus keeping crewmembers safely away from the trencher and allowing the operator to efficiently excavate with precision.



Crystalline Silica Control Equipment

Swederski is setting the example in the construction industry in respiratory health protection. SCCI has invested in vacuum and dust suppression systems to protect employees from the harmful effects of silica long before the OSHA rule was in effect. Becuase of Swederski’s commitment to respiratory protection, all of our projects are virtually dust free.




Swederski Concrete has officially put into service, Multiquip’s new release PRX “Panosaurus”, an industry only 12ft electric drive panning machine. Another example of our commitment to delivering the very best industrial finished floors. The PRX is designed for maximum coverage and optimum flatness on high production flatwork that utilizes a liquid-cooled multi-phase electric drivetrain to produce the torque needed to rotate the massive 70 in. rotors with optimum speed and efficiency. The electric drive system design outperforms conventional hydraulic drive units by up to 13%. This revolutionary concept delivers more power to the floor.