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We use Laser Screed technology to produce slab-on-grade concrete floors utilizing a 3D Profiler System

Laser Screed technology produces slab-on-grade concrete floors that are flatter and stronger than any comparative floors produced by using conventional methods. They establish grade by laser, utilizing a 3D Profiler System, disperse concrete by auger, and then vibrate and consolidate the concrete. The console mounted computer maintains grade with laser precision and monitors the screed elevation at a rate of 5 times per second. Laser Screeds feature a self-leveling, 12-foot wide screeding head that is mounted on a powerful 20-foot telescopic boom. Laser Screeds are setting new standards for concrete floors. In addition to being laser precise and mechanically powerful, they are fast. It can accurately screed 240 square feet of concrete in just 60 seconds. That means more floor is placed daily and production schedules are satisfied or actually shortened. Concrete mixes containing steel fibers can also be screeded with ease. Fast track production, high quality and cost effectiveness are all direct benefits of utilizing SCCI and our three Laser Screeding systems.

SCCI also utilizes the capabilities of a GT-3200 curb and gutter machine, an Allen slip-form paver, Symons Silver™ aluminum forms, two telescoping boom trucks, a fleet of riding power trowels and early entry concrete saws, which allow us to maintain the level of quality you have come to expect from SCCI, while meeting your deadlines and budget.

Exterior Concrete Paving - Illinois & Wisconson

SCCI also utilizes the capabilities of a GT-3200 curb and gutter machine3-D Laser Screed -  Slip-Form Paving
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