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Ground Frost Removal with Radiant Heat Services and Insulated Blankets

Ground Frost Removal  & Temporary Radian Heat utilizing Insulation Blankets - Swederski Concrete Construction, Inc.GROUND FROST REMOVAL & TEMPORARY RADIANT HEAT SERVICES

DE-ICE provides temporary radiant heat for the interior of the building and ground thawing.  Our radiant heat systems consist of fully enclosed trailer-mounted natural gas and/or LP boilers.  Each trailer contains 1- 300,000 BTU copper-finned boiler, 5000 LF of rubber heat hose, controls, pumps and 100 gallons of non-toxic water/glycol solution.

Our system can provide ground thawing for frost removal during installation of underground HVAC, electrical and plumbing.  We can then bring sub-grade up to required temperature for placement of concrete floor slabs.  This heating can be accomplished without the construction of tents.  Radiant heat hoses are covered with insulation blankets, which allow much less loss of temporary heat than typical heated air systems.  Weather permitting the slabs can be poured, the building structure can be erected and the permanent heat system can be installed.
Our heaters provide temporary heat without the carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, humidity, open flame hazards and maintenance of other systems.

During all cold weather months, the use of our system can provide a complete project heating system for all trades from excavation, concrete footings, We provide temporary radiant heat for the interior of the building and ground thawingconcrete walls,

concrete floors, curbs, walks, masonry,carpentry, drywall, painting and floor treatments.  Our system can keep your concrete floors above freezing during the time the building is being closed in.  Placing the concrete or sub-grade material over our heating hose can provide this additional heat.  Our hose is left in place for less than $.25 per square foot.  We can clear our hose of the non-toxic antifreeze solution; remove our heater at any time and return to provide temporary heat as your schedule dictates.

Depending of the severity of the weather and the weatherproofed condition of the building, our units can provide adequate temporary heat for up to 12,000 square feet of floor space.

We appreciate your interest in our temporary radiant heat system for your construction needs.  To answer any questions, including pricing structures, please call (815) 678-4035.  At that time we can arrange a meeting to discuss your scheduling needs.

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